Project Awardee Degree Year Home Country Host Country Report
Deciphering the mitochondrial mesolimbic contribution in the severity and susceptibility of motion sickness Pablo Machuca Márquez, Pablo PhD 2020 Spain Switzerland


Surrogate gradient learning in networks of resonate-and-fire neurons Lukas Braun MSc 2020 Denmark United Kingdom
In vivo imaging of MgluR5-lacking pyramidal neurons in the ventral hippocampus during discrete behavioral states Arnau Ramos-Prats PhD 2019 Austria Switzerland
Linking the environment and genome by DNA methylation in aggressive behaviour in a rat model of peripubertal stress-induced pathological aggression Mandy Meijer PhD 2019 Netherlands Switzerland
The interaction of and CB1R in astrocytes Goncalves Ribeiro Joana Filipa PhD 2019 Portugal United Kingdom
Adapting the Object Space Task for mice to explore the impact of G-Rh2 treatment on memory formation Violeta Caragea MSc 2018
The effects of TRPV4 pharmacology on axonal excitability in vivo Loredana Cumpana MSc 2018
2-photon Calcium imaging in acute slices Frederike Winkel PhD 2018
Role of the lateral septum in innate behaviors Francisco Javier de los Santos Bernal MSc 2018
Transcriptional alterations in the DRG as a result of nerve injury following selective knockout of Dnmt3A and 3B Raquel Oliveira PhD 2017
Investigating astrocytic metabolism during a mitochondrial epilepsy insult Felix Chan PhD 2016
Perceptual effects of stimulus-specific adaptation: Computational analysis and neural decoding techniques Javier Nieto Diego PhD 2016
Dynamic Causal Modelling in Multimodal Imaging Miriam Hägele MSc 2015
Profiling microglia activation as a therapeutic target in MSA transgenic mice Violetta Refolo PhD 2015
Cytoarchitectual and epigenetic effects of early life experiences Theodora Kalpachidou PhD 2015
Effects of antidepressants on BDNF levels and receptor expression Sorin Draga MSc 2015
Combinatorial-label based clonal analysis and fate tracing of cerebellar astroglial progenitors Valentina Cerrato PhD 2015
Quantitative, qualitative and fate mapping analysis of new neuroblasts produced following Ara-C/TBI Subventricular Zone (SVZ)-lesion model Irini Thanou MSc 2015
Brain microglia modulation by chemokine CXCL1 Alexandru-Florian Deftu PhD 2015
The effect of divided attention on the nociceptive and non-nociceptive systems, an ERP study Marco Ninghetto MSc 2015
Investigating the roles of α-synuclein and GBA mutations in mitophagy in Parkinson’s disease Dana Vergoossen MSc 2015
Stabilization of balanced cortical states in densely connected spiking neural networks by means of inhibitory synaptic plasticity Paul Zhutovsky MSc 2014
The Neural Basis of Social Mimicry Johanna van Schaik PhD 2014
Feeling at your heart and smelling at yourself: the role of multisensory information in self identity Giuseppina Porciello PhD 2014
Investigating the role of the human D2/D3 receptor in the stress response using pattern recognition Dennis Hernaus PhD 2014
Identification of the molecular determinants for the camphor sensitivity of human TRPM8 (transient receptor potential melastatin type 8) Olivia Dobrica MSc 2014
FRET measurement in living AD mice using 2-photon microscopy Juliette Le Douce PhD 2014
Social grasps along development: a study on joint action in toddlers Lucia Sacheli PhD 2013
Principles of designing, conducting and analyzing fMRI Matias Pulopulos PhD 2013
Optogenetics as a tool for studying the serotonergic system Valentina Mosienko PhD 2013