Job ID: 6740

Post-doctoral position in Rome/Italy

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 30 June 2021

City: Rome

Country: Italy

Institution: University Rome "La Sapienza"



Two post-doctoral positions are available in the Prof. Bezzi’s laboratory at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy.
Research in our laboratory follows a multidisciplinary approach including mouse genetics, in utero electroporation, cellular biology, advanced microscopy (confocal and two photon imaging), electrophysiology and behavioral tests and seeks to i) identify new mechanisms regulating postnatal maturation of astrocytes ii) elucidate how defects in the postnatal development of astrocytes provoke human neurodevelopmental disorders; and iii) exploit these mechanisms to design therapeutical strategies to ameliorate the disorders.
In particular, post-doctoral candidates will assess the role of astrocytic mitochondria in the pathophysiology of 22q11 deletion syndrome by using mouse genetics, electrophysiology, in vivo injections, FACS, transcriptome analysis, in utero electroporation and imaging analysis. The mitochondria in developing astrocytes represent potential targets for gene and pharmacological interventions to treat neurodevelopmental disorders including 22q11 deletion syndrome .
We are looking for highly motivated applicants who wish to advance in their academic training and consolidate the research experience in neuroscience. We expect an open-minded and very enterprising personality, capable of working in a collaborative research group. Ideal candidates should possess a good scientific appetite and a willingness to succeed!
Previous research experience in electrophysiological recordings or in utero electroporation and fluency in spoken and written English is a strong requirement.

Initial appointment is for one year, extension possible (3-years contract).
Please send your application including a synopsis of research interest, Curriculum vitae, and at least two contacts for reference

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