Job ID: 6514

Post-doctoral position in Portugal

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 30 June 2021

City: Braga

Country: Portugal

Institution: ICVS - School of Medicine, University of Minho



The Reward & Aversion Lab ( has an open position for a Research Associate in computational neuroscience, supported by an ERC Consolidator Grant.

The position
The project will focus on how neurons encode positive and negative stimuli. In one dimension, this will be done by running modern neuronal data analysis and modelling techniques over sizable volumes of dense recordings of large neuronal populations in freely behaving animals, along different time and spatial scales, from single neurons to population dynamics. Part of the project also involves calcium imaging data obtained with miniaturized microscopes.

We strongly promote intellectual freedom, the candidate has the opportunity to supervise Msc/PhD students and apply for independent funding.
The candidate will have the opportunity to work in a stimulating environment and with a strong network of outstanding collaborators. Starting date is negotiable.

The Lab
In the Reward & Aversion Lab we are interested in understanding how our brain encodes valence, and how this information is conveyed into motivated behaviors. We have a collaborative and open lab environment, and diversity is welcome. Our lab is located in a dynamic biomedical institute, in the north of Portugal, a vibrant region with excellent food, wine and friendly people.

Candidate profile
We welcome applicants with diverse backgrounds, including, but not limited to neuroscience, computer science, engineering, mathematics, and physics. Candidates should have a strong programming background (Python) to explore large amounts of neuronal data. Experience in statistics, machine learning and non-linear dynamics is valued.
The candidate should be highly motivated, a creative thinker, with good problem-solving skills, and with a positive attitude.

How to apply
Please send your CV, name and email of 3 references, together with a motivation letter briefly explaining your research interests by email:

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