Job ID: 6510

Group Leader in Barcelona/Spain

Position: Group Leader

Deadline: 21 May 2021

City: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Institution: BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center



The BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center (BBRC is a research center dedicated to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and the study of cognitive functions affected in healthy and pathological aging. It was created in 2012 by the Pasqual Maragall Foundation ( The mission of BBRC is to provide innovative solutions to decipher and prevent biological changes and cognitive dysfunction associated with neurodegenerative diseases. The BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center (BBRC) invites applications from outstanding investigators for a Group Leader position. We are recruiting at all seniority levels and are open to consider full- or part-time recruitment. The successful candidate is expected to conduct an independent research project with the final aim of establishing prevention programs to stop or, at least, to delay the occurrence of cognitive decline and, ultimately, dementia in asymptomatic persons at risk. Position requirements: MD and PhD (preference will be given to certified Neurologists), solid publication record, solid record of grants awarded as a PI, proven involvement in international research consortia, proven experience in the leadership of international research project (e.g., acts as WP lead), experience in clinical trials is preferred. We offer a competitive salary with a 5-year contract that, depending on experience, will be tenured or tenure-track. We provide fully equipped laboratory space for up to 7-9 people, and a flexible financial package to start a team and lab expenses. You may find more information on the job offer on our website

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