Job ID: 6507

Post-doctoral position in Rochester, NY/USA

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 30 June 2021

City: Rochester

Country: United States

Institution: University of Rochester



The Center for Translational Neuromedicine at the University of Rochester invites applications for postdoctoral research associates and/or junior faculty positions in neuroscience to join the laboratory of Maiken Nedergaard, to study the glymphatic system and neuroglia signaling under physiological conditions and in disease models.
The neurobiology of glia cells is one of the most rapidly developing areas in neuroscience. For the first time in experimental history, in vivo imaging technologies permit the study of fundamental function of astrocytes in awake behaving animals. These experiments have challenged the idea that cognitive function is based only on neuronal circuits. In addition, astrocytes play a crucial role in clearance of solutes and neurotoxins from the brain to meningeal and cervical lymph vessels. This brain-wide clearance system, named the glymphatic system (GS), is the primary focus of the lab.
The GS represents unique opportunities for novel fundamental discoveries. It has provided break-throughs in understanding why we sleep, mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases, how edema forms in stroke, and has provided new information on biological timekeeping. The lab uses multiple alternative approaches and works closely with fluid dynamicists to develop new models understanding how brain fluid flow and brain activity work together. A natural extension of this work includes the regulation of extracellular ion concentrations and the impact of extracellular K+ on neural circuits. We are seeking candidates interested in furthering this work, and expanding the field’s knowledge into models of stroke, chronic neuropathic pain and chronic stress. Technical approaches include utilizing and refining in vivo imaging in awake behaving mice, macroscopic fluorescence imaging and 2-photon and macroscopic imaging, optogenetics, patch clamping, LFP recordings, EEG recordings, ion-measurements, microdialysis, RNA-seq, and animal models of neurological diseases.

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