Job ID: 6484

Ph.D. Student in PARIS/France

Position: Ph.D. Student

Deadline: 15 May 2021

City: Paris

Country: France

Institution: Université de Paris



We are looking for a candidate with Master degree (five years of academic education, or equivalent from a university within or outside France) to apply for the highly competitive ED3C doctoral program in Paris.

PhD project: The role of inhibition in stabilizing and resetting head-direction signals in the Presubiculum.

Orientation in space is a fundamental cognitive process based on the Head Direction (HD) system, that functions as the brain’s compass. HD signals are generated from vestibular inputs and are internally organized to maintain directional activity. How specific brain areas produce the stability of HD signals and their rapid resetting to visual landmarks is poorly studied from a neurophysiological point of view. This PhD project aims to understand the dynamical structure of the spatial orientation network of neurons in the Presubiculum in behaving mice. The hypothesis is that specific classes of interneurons stabilize and gate the reset of the attractor network through disinhibition. We propose to record and manipulate populations of HD neurons and interneurons, and to define synaptic and circuit interactions underlying landmark updating. Cell-type specific calcium imaging during free spatial exploration will give unprecedented insights in the neural correlates of spatial coding.

The candidate will use state-of the art optogenetic techniques (including leading-edge miniscope imaging) to record and manipulate neural activities in the presubiculum in freely behaving animals. The host laboratories provide a young and stimulating environment with combined expertise in presubicular function and imaging techniques.

The project is proposed jointly by Desdemona Fricker & Michael Graupner, at the Université de Paris (CNRS UMR8002, 8003). If successful, the candidate will receive a 3-year funding from the French Government. If interested, send a detailed CV and motivated interest as early as possible to allow sufficient time to prepare the final proposal.

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