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Ph.D. Student in PARIS/France

Position: Ph.D. Student

Deadline: 9 April 2021

City: Paris

Country: France

Institution: Université de Paris



A PhD position is available in the team of Dr. Desdemona Fricker at the Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition Center (Spatial Orientation Team, CNRS UMR8002, Paris). The successful candidate will be involved in a collaborative project on spatial orientation, dedicated to studying the head direction network.

Hippocampal, cortical and thalamic circuits are crucial for head direction coding and the integration of sensory signals of vestibular and visual origin. But the roles of specific populations of neurons and their firing patterns remain largely unknown. The candidate will focus on the function of the neural network for the visual anchoring of the head direction signal. The overall aim is to advance our understanding of multisensory integration and the role of burst firing for coordinated head direction signaling in rodents.

Applicants should have a background in biology, medicine, computational neuroscience, physics or engineering. The ideal candidate wishes to develop practical skills for in vitro or in vivo experimental work and data analysis, and has a desire to understand the principles underlying the functioning of the nervous system.

She/he will use vestibular and visual stimulation, multi-unit electrophysiological recordings in the awake animal combined with the manipulation of subpopulations of neurons. Other techniques include behavioral and anatomical analysis as well as slice recordings. Programming skills for electrophysiological data analysis are required.

The PhD contract is funded by the University of Paris, and involves a partnership with the lab of Pr Michael Brecht in Berlin. A 2-months stay in Berlin is included in the program.
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Contrats doctoraux internationaux 2021

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Ecole Doctorale 158 – Cerveau, Cognition, Comportement: Exploring the neural basis of multisensory control of head direction activity.

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