Job ID: 6122

Group Leader in Bron/Lyon/France

Position: Group Leader

Deadline: 1 June 2021

City: Lyon/Bron

Country: France

Institution: Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences de Lyon



The SLEEP team (Physiopathology of vigilance states) of the Center for Research in Neuroscience of Lyon (CRNL) is looking for a talented researcher willing to apply for a tenure-track position (permanent position as assistant professor) at CNRS or INSERM French Research Institutes in order to reinforce its task force in the sleep field.
Current research projects of the SLEEP team focus on characterizing the two sleep states (slow wave sleep and paradoxical / REM sleep) and identifying the neuronal networks generating and regulating them. Our team also studies the cortical and subcortical neuronal activity taking place during both sleep states to determine their respective contribution to learning and memory consolidation and sensory integration. We also aim to identify the abnormal processes underlying two deleterious neurodegenerative sleep pathologies, narcolepsy (autoimmune) and REM sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD, a prodromal biomarker of a-synucleinopathies as Parkinson’s disease).
In the frame of basic sleep research, outstanding candidates of all nationalities are expected to develop original, competitive and independent experimental projects. The selected candidate will benefit from a one-year post-doctoral position fully funded by the labex Cortex and a unique scientific environment as well as a strong support during the whole application’s process.
The CRNL integrates the multidisciplinary expertise for a synergistic approach on molecular, integrative, cognitive and clinical neuroscience. Its ambition is to investigate the neural substrates of brain functions as well as their dysfunctions underlying main neurological and psychiatric disorders. The CRNL gives access to local high-tech platforms for molecular analyses, brain imaging and behavior monitoring. It relies also on well-structured interactions with an outstanding local medical environment. Applications should include a resume (CV + publications) and a statement of research interests + 2-4 references


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