Job ID: 6087

Ph.D. Student in Strasbourg/France

Position: Ph.D. Student

Deadline: 1 May 2021

City: Strasbourg

Country: France

Institution: Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neuroscience (INCI), CNRS UPR3212, University of Strasbourg



Disruptions of sleep and circadian rhythm are associated with the development of mood disorders. Our goal is to understand how the circadian clock influence the pathophysiology of depression, as well as the molecular and cellular mechanism of action of the therapeutic interventions targeting circadian and sleep regulation. To this aim the circadian clockwork will be geneticaly or pharmacologicaly modulated and then the effects on mood-related behavior, sleep homeostasis and homeostatic plasticity will be examined.
The project combines molecular biology techniques with in vivo behavioral characterization and LFP/EEG/sleep recordings and analyses. Therefore a suitable candidate should have a Master degree in Neuroscience/Biology/Medicine or related field as well as experience and practical skills in one or more of the following fields: SDS-PAGE and western blot; qRT-PCR gene analyses; basic skills in in vivo stereotactic surgery, electrode/cannula implantation and intracerebral viral microinjections in rodents; basic knowledge of EEG/LFP recordings and MathLab analyses; different behavioral tests in mice.
Applications, preferably in one single PDF-document, including a complete CV, publication list, letter of motivation (half page) with a brief statement of the previous research experience related to the field and scientific interests, copy of relevant certificates and names and contacts of two references should be sent electronically to (Dr. Tsvetan Serchov).

The successful candidate is expected to apply for a doctoral fellowship at the doctoral school University Strasbourg. Thus ONLY candidates with high MSc marks/score and/or ranked top 25% of their MSc batch (please include certificate if available) will be considered.


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