Job ID: 5420

Post-doctoral position in Salt Lake City, UT/USA

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 31 August 2021

Contract Length: 1-5 years

City: Salt Lake City, UT

Country: United States

Institution: University of Utah

Department: Neurobiology


We are looking for a postdoc to study the properties of excitatory synapses in human stem cell-derived neurons and organoids. The main goal is to characterize SHANK3-binding partners in human synapses using biochemical and electrophysiological assays and to identify those that are lost or dysregulated by SHANK3 deficiency in association with autism and intellectual disability. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from creative and ambitious researchers with substantial experience in protein-protein interaction biochemistry or slice patch-clamp electrophysiology. Check the following references to learn more about our research:

(1) Wang et. al., 2021: “Modeling autism-associated SHANK3 deficiency using human cortico-striatal organoids generated from single neural rosettes”
BioRxiv doi:;

(2) Chiola, Napan, Wang et al., 2021: “Defective AMPA-mediated synaptic transmission and morphology in human neurons with hemizygous SHANK3 deletion engrafted in mouse prefrontal cortex”
Molecular Psychiatry;

(3) Shcheglovitov A et al., 2013: “Shank3 and IGF1 Restore Synaptic Deficits in Neurons from 22q13 Deletion Syndrome Patients”, Nature

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