Job ID: 5392

Post-doctoral position in Edinburgh/UK

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 3 April 2021

Contract Length: 1 year (renewable)

City: Edinburgh

Country: United Kingdom

Institution: University of Edinburgh

Department: Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences


We are looking for an enthusiastic early-career scientist for a postdoctoral position in the lab of Dr. Gülsen Sürmeli, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh, UK. The candidate will work in an interdisciplinary environment on an exciting project that unites bioinformatics and neurobiology using cutting edge genomics profiling, MAPSeq and other anatomical tracing techniques to investigate the principles of how neuronal circuits underlying cognitive functions are organized and operate.

The Opportunity:

The Surmeli lab focuses on unravelling the principles with which our everyday experiences are turned into memories and how these processes are affected in neurological conditions such as autism and Alzheimer’s. To this end, the lab uses cutting edge molecular genetics, electrophysiology and calcium imaging techniques to study long-range interactions between brain areas that constitute a distributed network for memory. Much of the specific architecture of the long-range connections that constitute the backbone of dispersed cortical circuits responsible for memory storage are unknown. The successful candidate will lead a project that aims to discover these specific wiring rules using MAPSeq (Kebschull et al., 2016) and investigate the transcriptomic profile of neurons to reveal the molecular origins of specific projection motifs.

The candidates are expected to be experienced in analysing single cell transcriptomics data or other advanced NGS techniques with a record of published original research articles. The project requires an in-depth and active knowledge of statistical methodology and the candidates are expected to show excellent skills in data interpretation and efficient communication of their findings.


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