Job ID: 5385

Post-doctoral position in Berlin/Germany

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 31 August 2021

Contract Length: up to 42 months

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Institution: Charite University Medicine Berlin

Department: Dpt. of Neurology with experimental Neurology


Restoration of neuromotor impairments after stroke – structural neuroplasticity.

We are searching for talented scientific minds to join our team on
Translational Neuromodulation.

Our group is interested in developing new therapeutic strategies for the restoration of motor function in neurological disorders. For this, we are working in animal models of stroke and Parkinson’s disease, combining state of the art experimental methods with clinically viable stimulation techniques (i.e. optogenetics, in-vivo electrophysiology, detailed kinematic analysis, spinal cord stimulation and adaptive DBS). In the post-doctoral project, we want to explore how structural neuroplasticity can be steered at the circuit level to aid motor recovery after stroke.

We are searching for postdoctoral candidates for a joint application to the Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Berlin. Fitting candidates need to be recruited from abroad to Germany. Ideally, we are searching for individuals with experience in behavioral research, viral tracings and immunohistochemistry. The project can be tailored to the skill sets and ideas of the candidates. Earliest start: July 2021. Funding duration up to 3 ½ years. Salary according to DFG standards.

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