Job ID: 4456

Ph.D. Student in Heidelberg/Germany

Position: Ph.D. Student

Deadline: 15 March 2021

City: Heidelberg

Country: Germany

Institution: Heidelberg University

Department: Institute of Pharmacology


A fully-funded PhD position focusing on the neurophysiology of somatosensory neurons that mediate our senses of touch and pain is available in the laboratory of Dr. Stefan Lechner at the Institute of Pharmacology at Heidelberg University/Germany. The major goal of the PhD project is to study the role of different subtypes of sensory afferents in pain signaling and sensorimotor control (e.g. Arcourt et al. 2017 Neuron, Dhandapani et al. 2018 Nat Commun, Prato et al. 2017 Cell Reports, Taberner et al. 2019 PNAS). To this end the student will utilize electrophysiological recording techniques and behavioural assays in combination with viral gene delivery, optogenetics and cell ablation techniques.

Interested candidates should have a master degree in neuroscience or a related discipline and should ideally have previous experience with electrophysiology. Candidates with additional experience in molecular biology, mouse behavior and programming skills in IgorPro, Matlab or Python will be preferred.

In our newly refurbished Institute building we offer access to state of the art electrophysiology and imaging equipment. In addition, the student will have access to several core facilities at Heidelberg University such as the Interdisciplinary Neurobehavioural Core (INBZ), the Nikon Imaging Center and the deep sequencing core facility. The Lechner lab is a member of the DFG-funded Heidelberg Pain Consortium, which brings together a large group of pain researchers from the greater Heidelberg/Mannheim area ( and thus makes Heidelberg University one of the most dynamic and inspiring environments for pursuing pain research in Germany.

Applications, including a brief letter of interest, a CV as well as the names and contact details of two references should be submitted by email to Dr. Stefan G. Lechner. (

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