Job ID: 4451

Ph.D. Student in Göttingen/Germany

Position: Ph.D. Student

Deadline: 15 February 2021

Employment Start Date: 1 April 2021

Contract Length: 4 years

City: Göttingen

Country: Germany

Institution: ENI

Department: Neural Computation and Behavior


A PhD position is available in the lab of Jan Clemens at the European Neuroscience Institute Göttingen, Germany. The position is part of a DFG funded joint project with Matthias Hennig (Berlin) in the priority program “Evolutionary Optimization of Neuronal Processing” (SPP 2205).

The project will investigate how pattern recognition networks support the evolution of behavioral diversity, using acoustic communication in crickets as a model system. Building upon existing behavioral and circuit models, we will characterize the nonlinear mapping from circuit parameters to behavior using machine learning. We will combine large behavioral data sets from more than 20 different species, phylogenetic information, and computational modelling to investigate the evolutionary process that shaped the behavior in this species group. Hypotheses produced in the modelling approach will be tested with experimental collaborators in Berlin.

The position is for 4 years. The successful candidate will join one of the many excellent graduate schools on the Göttingen Campus. In addition, the candidate will be embedded in the diverse community formed by the members of SPP 2205.


Previous job ID: 28182