Job ID: 4450

Post-doctoral position in ALICANTE/Spain

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 15 March 2021

Employment Start Date: 1 May 2021

Contract Length: 3 years

City: Alicante

Country: Spain

Institution: Instituto de Neurociencias Unidad Neurobiología del Desarrollo

Department: Instituto de Neurociencias, CSIC-Universidad Miguel Hernández


The López-Bendito Lab is interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the development and plasticity of the thalamocortical connection ( In particular, our aim is to uncover the principles underlying the development of sensory circuits with emphasis on the role of the thalamus. To tackle these questions, our lab has developed an integrated and innovative experimental programme that includes in vivo imaging of brain activity, manipulation of gene expression, cell and molecular biology, cell culture and electrophysiology (Anton-Bolaños et al., Science 2019; Moreno-Juan et al., Nat Comm 2017; Mire et al.,Nat Neuro 2012). The laboratory offers an excellent and multidisciplinary working atmosphere at the Institute of Neuroscience in Alicante, located in the south-east of Spain at the University of Miguel Hernández-CSIC campus. The host institute is composed by several research groups exploring the development, structure and function of the nervous system in normal and pathological conditions (

We are seeking for a highly motivated postdoctoral scientist to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in sensory circuit glia-to-neuron reprogramming. This 3-years project aims to understand the rules for region-specific reprogramming with the ultimate goal of recovery sensory thalamocortical circuits in sensory deprived mice. Applicants should have a proven track record and an independent working style.

Position. PhD in Neuroscience and experience in cell biology and molecular biology. Knowledge in bioinformatics will be positively evaluated.

Candidates should send an email to Guillermina López-Bendito ( including: i) CV, ii) contact information of two scientists to request references and iii) a brief letter stating past achievements and current motivation. Applications will be considered until March 15, 2021


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