Job ID: 4364

Post-doctoral position in Aachen/Germany

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 1 March 2021

Contract Length: 2 years

City: Aachen

Country: Germany

Institution: RWTH University Hospital

Department: Neurology


We are looking for a

Postdoctoral Fellow

• with a strong interest in neuroscience
• who is highly-motivated
• with a PhD in Biology or related sciences
• strong background in electrophysiology
• good spoken and written English skills
• communication and teamwork skills

Scientific background of the study:
Mutations in PARK15 are associated with a juvenile form of parkinsonism. PARK15 patients display classical Parkinsonian symptoms in addition to pyramidal tract signs. PARK15 encodes FBXO7, which is a subunit of the SCF (Skp1, cullin-1, F-box protein) E3 ubiquitin ligase. E3 ligases bring about the specific modification of proteins by ubiquitin, which triggers various cellular responses ranging from proteolytic degradation to functional modifications.
The specific deletion of FBXO7 in neuronal cell types (glutamatergic or dopaminergic) in mice results in motor deficits, supporting a fundamental role for FBXO7 in neurons (Vingill, 2016, EMBO Journal). While the loss of FBXO7 has little or no effect on cell survival, it affects the wiring and connectivity of the brain. In line with the phenotype of these novel mouse models, Parkinson disease (PD) is also viewed as a synaptopathy. The molecular underpinnings of these early-onset synaptic deficits however remain to be uncovered.
With these PARK15 mouse models, we will address the following questions:
• How does loss-of-FBXO7 affect the synaptic wiring in the striatum of PARK15 mouse models?
• What are the molecular changes of the striatal synapses?

What we offer:
• Funding starting spring 2021 for an initial period of 2 years
• International lab at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen
• Molecular biology and electrophysiology environment at the Dept of Neurology

Please send your application (CV, diplomas, name & email address of referee)
to Judith Stegmüller (

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