Job ID: 12553

Technician in Glasgow/UK

Position: Technician

Deadline: 13 June 2021

City: Glasgow

Country: United Kingdom

Institution: University of Strathclyde

Department: SIPBS


A full-time position of a laboratory technician is available to work with Dr Shuzo Sakata at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK. This position is funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC).

Our group has been investigating state-dependent and cell type-specific information processing in the brain by combining a range of techniques, including in vivo high-density electrophysiological recording, calcium imaging, optogenetics, behavioural analysis and computational approaches.

In this project, we will investigate how functional interactions between neurons and astrocytes regulate the sleep-wake cycle in mice by utilising state-of-the-art genetic and neurophotonic technologies. This project will also work closely in the context of a recently established international consortium, DEEPER, funded from the EU’s Horizon 2020 (

This full-time position is expected to assist a wide range of laboratory experiments by working as a team. A successful candidate should have or expect to have an Honours Degree at 2.1 or above (or equivalent) in Neuroscience or related fields. Knowledge of rodent neuroanatomy and experience with immunohistochemistry and fluorescence microscopy and/or in vivo experiments will be advantageous.

In the first instance, candidates may send their application to Dr Shuzo Sakata (, including a CV and a cover letter, detailing their educational background, lab experience, motivation for this position and their career goal.

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