Job ID: 12516

Post-doctoral position in Lecce/Italy

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 7 May 2021

Employment Start Date: 6 September 2021

Contract Length: 12 months (renewable 1 year)

City: Lecce

Country: Italy

Institution: Università degli Studi del Salento

Department: Di.S.Te.B.A. (Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences)


Physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms of autophagy in neurodegenerative diseases

Autophagy is a process dedicated to the degradation and recycling of macromolecules and intracellular organelles. Defects of autophagy are involved in the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. These neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by the neuronal accumulation of protein aggregates related to the metabolism of some metals such as copper. The activation of autophagy represents a therapeutic target for the treatment of these pathologies. To achieve the objectives of this multidisciplinary research, the candidate must have:
i. a strong background in molecular biology, gene amplification and sequencing, protein extraction and analysis, proteomics and immunohistochemistry,
ii. skills in immortalized and primary cell cultures, iPSc iii. experiences in handling animals and in fluorescent, confocal and flow cytometry microscopy techniques.

Minimum admission requirements:

1) Degree (course of study lasting at least four years, provided by the teaching systems to DM
03/11/1999, n. 509), Master’s degree (art. 3, paragraph 1, letter b, DM 03/11/2009, n. 509; Art. 3,
paragraph 1, letter b, DM 22/10/2004, n. 270).
2) Documented research experience abroad lasting at least 2 years


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