Job ID: 12454

Post-doctoral position in Bethesda/USA

Position: Post-doctoral Position

Deadline: 1 October 2021

City: Bethesda

Country: United States

Institution: NIMH, NIH

Department: Section on Synapse Development Plasticity


Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health
National Institute of Mental Health
(Position Available)
The Intramural Program of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is a major research component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Within this program, the Section on Synapse Development Plasticity (chief: Zheng Li, PhD, uses molecular and cellular biology, two-photon microscopy, and electrophysiology to investigate the mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity in normal brains and synaptopathology of psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia.

Postdoctoral Fellow

This is a full-time research position located at the 300 acre Bethesda campus of the NIH, near Washington D.C. This position requires a graduate degree (or foreign equivalent) in neuroscience, developmental biology or cell biology. Research experience in vivo electrophysiological recording, in vivo two-photon microscopy in behaving mice, electrophysiological recording in brain slices, neural differentiation of iPSCs, biochemistry, and molecular biology is desired. For qualified candidates, there are excellent opportunities to pursue research interests in the molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms of psychiatric diseases using a combination of in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology and two-photon microscopy, and molecular biological approaches. Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience and accomplishments. Send a letter of interest, CV, and three references to Dr. Zheng Li (

DHHS, NIH and NIMH are Equal Opportunity Employers.

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